Bad beats in poker

For those who are more into poker, poker is not just about luck, and at the end of the day, experienced and good players always fare better than weaker and inexperienced opponents. But the luck factor plays a big role in poker. This luck factor can also turn against the best players and professionals. Each player must accept the variance in poker as part of the game and learn to deal with situations like bad beats in which one is unlucky. But what exactly is a bad beat anyway? And how best to bear Bad Beats?

Bad beat: definition

Hardly anything is so hated by poker players as Bad Beats, because you lose a lot of money without making a mistake. The poker variant Texas Hold’em is predestined by turn and river for bad beat situations. In the poker world, a hand that a player who is a particularly high favorite against his opponent’s hand at one point, but eventually loses it, is called a bad beat. Opinions differ a little bit, where is the line between a just a little lost hand and a bad beat. As a rule: A bad beat is when the hand of the supposedly defeated player only had a 1 to 10 percent chance of winning, and then still win.

Process the bad beat

In order to process the Bad Beat, one should complete it above all else. To bring it up again and again and to move it around in the head does not improve the situation. Rather, you should first take a break from play and come to other thoughts. Afterwards one usually deals with the situation much more relaxed, even if the human being often keeps negative events in mind longer than positive ones.

The player should also analyze the Bad Beat again. In many cases he has done everything right with a classic bad beat and made no mistake. He was just unlucky. In 9 out of 10 hands he also wins the pot or showdown. But in a bad beat, the luck factor in poker put a stop to his calculations.

If you do not properly process a bad beat, you are in “danger of tilting”. “Tilt” refers to a state of mind of the player who is emotion controlled, because he was unlucky during the previous rounds of play and had to accept a big loss. If the player is “Tilt”, it is likely that he is desperately trying to make up for his losses and, for that reason, is playing some weak hands too aggressively and being involved in big pots. So he runs the risk of losing even more money. The player is then no longer in control of his game and no longer makes rational decisions.

Example: The mother of all bad beats

One of the most blatant, if not the most blatant, bad beat in poker history dates back to 2014 from the “Big One for One Drop” tournament during the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The Bad Beat was even called the “mother of all bad beats”. US poker pro Connor Drinan secured the ticket for the $ 1 million buy-in tournament on the $ 25,300 “Big One for One Drop” satellite. And what an equity he found in the pot: For first place, there were the Big One $ 15.3 million. The best 8 should come into the money. At the time of the Bad Beat, there were “only” 18 players in the tournament. Then Drinan got the pocket aces and got a lot of chances on the hand. He still had about 5 million chips in front of him. But he met in his hand on his compatriot Cary Katz, who also had Poket Aces.

Katz raised to 225,000 chips preflop. Drinan re-raised to 580,000 chips. The 4-bet then came from Katz to 2 million chips. After the possibly well-intention hint of Katz that Drinan would rather save his money, but this went all-in. Katz called. The chance to lose this hand was 2 percent for Drinan preflop, the chance for a split pot at 96 percent. The flop came with 2-K-5, the last two cards in heart. One of Katz’s aces was the heart ace, which had a chance of a flush. This reduced the chance for a split pot to 95 percent. Drinan had no chance for a single victory. And it came, as it must come: On the turn came another heart and promptly the chances of victory of Katz were 20 percent. The chance of the split pot was then 80 percent. And then the river brought a heart and the pot as well as the victory for Katz. Drinan finished the “Big One for One Drop” in 18th place and had to go home without any prize money.

For Drinan it was a classic bad beat. He had done everything right. Any poker player in his situation would probably have gone all-in with the Pocket Aces. The fact that his opponent also had pocket aces and there was no split pot in the end was just unbelievable bad luck.

Drinan’s Bad Beat video has become one of the most successful poker videos in YouTube’s history. For several days, it was also the most successful video on YouTube. If you want to watch the Bad Beat by Drinan, you will find it here: The worst bad beat ever

Bad beat jackpot

With many poker providers, whether live or online, there is the so-called Bad Beat Jackpot as a kind of comfort. This is distributed when a very high hand like a quadruplet still loses the showdown. Then, in most cases, 50 percent of the jackpot goes to the loser of the hand, 25 percent to the winner and the remaining 25 percent to the rest of the table.

Bad beat jackpots are mostly progressive. They are often filled with a small rake from each pot played. At the Live Poker Bad Beat Jackpot, at least one full house (or better) must be hit by a quad (or better). In the online poker bad beat, at least a quadruple (or better) must be hit by a straight flush (or better).

Various bath beats

There are basically two types of bad beats. In the “Draw Bad Beat” you lose with a strong or the strongest hand at the table against an opponent, whose hand became later in the game round to a better hand than yours. Although the player with the initially poorer hand actually makes the mistake of calling his opponent’s bets and playing along, although the odds that he can still win the hand are mathematically very low, in the end he will be rewarded.

The second type of bad beat is the “unpredictable”. Here both players play right. Both have a very strong hand. But the one player has an even stronger hand then and wins in the end with a lot of luck. The most famous bad beat in film history is certainly from the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig. Here James Bond wins the pot with a straight flush against villain “Le Chiffre”, who has the nut full house.

Author: Casino Rulz