Aberdeen Soul Casino closes

The family-run, Soul Casino, in Aberdeen, Scotland, has shut its doors following 12 years of business.

Granite Rock Casino Ltd posted a message on its Facebook account announcing the closure of the venue with immediate notice.

The company said the venue, “Scotland’s only independent family-owned casino”, had suffered “a significant drop in footfall” following “a shift in late night entertainment culture” in the city. This being later opening times for pubs in Aberdeen.

In 2018, Aberdeen allowed neighbourhood pubs to serve alcohol until 3 in the morning, and one of the city’s nightclub operators told local media the negative effect on businesses in the downtown core has been “catastrophic.”

Furthermore, a club operator said the city centre was “imploding” and that there’d been “no thought process” in the decision to allow pubs to stay open longer. Another club operator said Soul Casino was likely not to be the last venue to close its doors in the near future.

Granite Rock Casino was incorporated in 2003 but the company failed to ever turn an annual profit. In 2018, the company reportedly took a net loss of £500,000. The firm is believed to have between 30-40 staff, who were told not to come in to work on Sunday. The company’s farewell message thanked “long serving management and staff for their hard work over the years and for their recent efforts to keep Soul Casino trading.”

Both Soul Casino and the adjacent Soul Bar, which is run by a separate company, were built out of a converted church. The Soul Bar will reportedly continue to operate, although there have been no updates on the venue’s social media feeds over the past couple weeks.

Author: Casino Rulz